Business Solutions Divison

Business Solutions Divison

Al Kifah Security Services

Al Kifah Security Services was established to serve the public and private sector under the license to provide security services to all the regions of Saudi Arabia of the third category in the official letter by Security Director Assistant (3/3846/3) 1432 / 3/11 AH in order to provide a private security service as an independent company, Al Kifah Security Services provides security services and solutions Read More

Al Kifah Travel And Tourism

Al Kifah travel and tourism was established to especially attend for the people of Al-Ahssa. It offers a variety of services such as ticket booking for business, leisure or personal trips, hotel booking on the request of their customers and development of programs that suit the special requirements of their customers. . Read More

KAF Advertising Agency

KAF is an advertising company newly established as a part of Al Kifah Print Company as an alternative with a new identity to Al Kifah Print which played an important role since 2007. KAF has created a new vision and a strategy of work which is based on partnership with the client’s vision and plans to be presentable to the targeted clients Read More

Al Kifah Carton Box Factory

Al Kifah Carton Box Factory is one of the pioneers in carton box industry in the Eastern Province, which many companies’ uses for packaging their products. Al Kifah Carton Box Factory was established in 1995 with a strategic policy to replace imported product with domestic more sophisticated product made by locals. Read More

Al Kifah Print Press

Al Kifah Print Press is one of the first companies that was established under Al Kifah Holding Company management before joining and become part of Al Kifah Print. Al Kifah Print Press is one of the largest companies which produces publications in the Eastern Province since it offers its customers innovative printing solutions in all kinds of commercial printing.. Read More