Gulf Pearl Compound 1(GPC1)

Gulf Pearl Compound 1(GPC1)

One of people’s dreams is to stay in the most luxurious accommodation and live in indulgence. When AlKifah Real Estate built its first compound ( Pearl 1), it was its inspiration for classy services that provide its clients with elegance, comfort, and indulgence they are seeking to enjoy.

A luxury accommodation is a true jewel only if has a strategic location. GPC is located in Al Shatie, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Al- Khobar at the Eastern Region, by the Coastal Road, and just a short distance from high life in the city, governmental and private agencies, as well as shopping malls.

GPC aims to cater to diverse needs of individuals and families. Therefore, it includes a wide range of accommodation – from spacious villas in different styles to meet the variety of tastes and needs, to cozy and attractive apartments as the following:


1-Family villas in different spaces and excellent finishing with the best communication services, internet and satellite providing variety of TV channels, with green spaces and separated gardens as well as a private car parking.
2-Apartments & studios for individuals furnished with contemporary elegance and a car parking for each apartment.


24 hours security

GPC has a 24/7 advanced security system consists of well-trained security guards and surveillance with abilities to maintain safety and recognize tenants as well as visitors.

Gardens and green spaces every where

GPC1 provides the tenant with relaxation and purity through a wide space of green landscapes all over the compound offering enjoyment to children, adults and visitors as well.

Fully equipped Gym:

Since physical health is a priority for individuals and families, we ensured to offer the finest gymnastic services by establishing a health club consisting of one section for males and another for females. The club includes a gym, fitness equipment, and rooms for sauna, steam, massage & changing. There is also a high-qualified training team as well as entertainment center with billiards and snooker.

Swimming pools for children & adults

One of the amenities that GPC1 assures to have in order to provide the tenants with indulgence, entertainment and excellence is swimming pool. The compound includes two swimming pools one for the adults and another for the children.

Elegant restaurant (Almajles) and fine coffee shop

There is a great restaurant in GPC1 to meet the tenants’ needs. It offers a wide selection of food and services to facilitate the life inside the compound and maintain indulgence to all of the tenants as well as their visitors.

Day Care

The compound’s management believes in the importance of providing a day care center since some tenants, who are working mothers, may need a safe and structured environment for their children. Therefore, we have added a day care center for the completion of the services aspired by our clients.

Other services

  1. 24- hour maintenance and cleaning service
  2. Delivery & transportation from/ to the city center or other destinations upon request, as well as to the airport and schools
  3. The management is available24 hours for the satisfaction of customers & tenants